Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette is the latest and most beautiful product developed by us. Though it is not a new product to this world, it is a unique and interesting addition to our product portfolio. "Green Energy" is the goal we have set to promote with this product. These Briquettes are made from Coconut shell charcoal dust, which is otherwise a waste and is usually landfilled . This charcoal dust is carefully processed and made into briquettes using food grade binders. It is energy extracted from waste, hence we call it green energy.

Advantages of using Flareon Briquettes:

  • Our Quality is simply unmatched by any other manufacturer in India
  • Flareon briquettes burn longer than ordinary charcoal lumps
  • Quality of each briquette and every lot is consistent because we manufacture the raw material in-house. This is the key to our consistency
  • Our Briquettes emit no smoke
  • The heat is uniform throughout its burning time
  • We use 100% pure charcoal dust and food grade binders
  • There are no chemicals or additives used. Therefore it is perfectly safe for barbeque


Pillow shape

50 X 50 X 25 (L X B X H in millimeters)
Weight – 34 gms per piece