Infrastructure is the core competence of the company. The company has the infrastructure set up to produce 40 Metric Tons of Charcoal per day. The finest grades are used for the manufacturing of Briquettes. This has been the strength and edge of our success in briquette manufacturing. Our raw material is uniform in size which makes the shape and edges of our briquette uniform and strong. There is plenty of attention given to the uniformity and consistency.

We have the best machineries to produce the briquettes. The installed capacity of Briquetting machine is 10 Metric Tons per day. The real challenge in manufacturing of briquettes lies in the drying of the product. We have a very innovative and green technology to dry the briquettes. We use UV tents which are run without any electricity or fuel for producing the required heat to drain out the moisture from briquettes.

The binders used in our products are food grade. These binders do not emit smoke or odor.

Our lab facilities are the state of the art, to test each and every batch of the briquettes produced. Every detail, no matter how minor, is given attention to. Each batch of briquettes is tested everyday for various parameters. We ensure the finished briquettes are within the following parameters:

Moisture5% Max
Ash15% Max
Volatile matter17.5%
Calorific value6015 Kcal/kg
Fixed carbon62.5%
Dry material92.9%