About us

Flareon is part of Senthil Group of Companies which has interests in poultry, textiles, real estate, finance and activated carbon. We are very conscious about our environmental responsibility and ensure that we give back more than we take from nature. We are aware of the environmental impact our businesses have in terms of consuming energy and we continually strive to offset this impact. We have plantations of over 20 thousand trees of various diverse species and we also have an installed capacity of 1MW of wind power.

Flareon briquette is yet another effort from us in making environmentally efficient products. Our briquettes have revolutionized charcoal industry. We take pride in the fact that our briquettes are replacing wood charcoal in many industries as it has tremendous advantages over it in every area and it is even more cost effective than wood charcoal.

It is a small contribution from us in an effort to “save trees”.



  • We are the official briquettes suppliers to Suguna Poultry Farm, one of the largest poultry manufacturers in India. They were traditionally using wood charcoal lumps and they were so impressed with the performance of our products that they replaced their wood charcoal consumption with Flareon briquettes.
  • Our briquettes are available at LULU Hyper-Market. They are one of the top 50 fastest growing retailers in the world.
  • We are by far the largest briquettes manufacturer in India, producing about 3,00,000 briquettes (10MT) per day.